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Punk is not really dead.. but no one will replace The Black Flag... but anyways.. in my opinion Sum 41, Anti-Flag, NOFX, etc. are punk, but some bands that claim to be punk in my opinion aren't. And a lot of bands that are alternative are punk, and thats where people get the idea that G.A.D. (most of you probably haven't heard of them), Fall Out Boy, Dashboard Confessional, AFI, even Rise Against (who I don't see as punk) are punk. B/c Anti-Flag, Sum 41, NoFX, etc. are considered alternative, people think that all, or at least most alternative bands are punk, but not even 25% of alternative bands are punk. Punk isn't dead, but it is tough to name a lot of punk bands, while its easy as shit to name a lot of alternative bands, as punk bands fall under that... I love a lot of alternative bands... Anti-Flag, NOFX, Rise Against, G.A.D., The Bravery, Agent Orange, The Blood Brothers, A.F.I., etc. (I could name a million more, but I can only think of about 4 bands that I would truly classify as punk that are modern and still play today; so punks not dead, but its got some type of illness).

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