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Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
Originally Posted by LHR
This isn't good for any of us. I understand she just wants a partner, and we all do. But when it's hurting us all, she needs to let go.
Thats exactly the sort of thing you need to tell her I know its really difficult but if you could just try and allow her to see things from your point of view. Try to remain calm and if she does get upset then just let her and carry on talking calmly, maybe you could reach a compromise for both of you? You have so much maturity for only being 13 and i really admire that, im so sorry that you're in such a difficult position .
My mum is a difficult person to talk to. Like I said, she will throw a tantrum if she doesn't get her way. If life isn't perfect for her, she is very depressed. It is hard to deal with sometimes. Thank you for calling me mature. I guess it is just a bunch of things that happened in my life that have made me have to stand up and take whatever hits me. I've been the man of my house since I was 7, no matter who came in, so I have to deal with a lot of things.

Originally Posted by ScotsGirl
Originally Posted by LHR
Lynne, you know we are here for you. Or, atleast I am, but I'm sure everyone else is. If you want to alk about it, we're here. Is everything ok? I remember I had the social services called on my dad, and it didn't go well, so if you get them called, stay away from him. Hope I helped
And thanku that means so much to me, i really appreciate it . Things have got alot better cos my dad doesnt really live with us anymore but he still comes back every so often...i dont really talk to ppl about it, i tend to block things out and pretend they dont happen which i know makes it worse in the long run but it makes it a bit easier to deal with right now if you know what i mean?
Its kinda funny that ive known most of my friends for years and years but i couldnt think of anything worse than them knowing what actually happens, yet id feel so much more comfortable with ppl here knowing....and ive only known everyone for about 4months...
Its strange the way things work out lol
Anyway i really hope things improve for you

I know exactly what you mean. It was like that when I found out I was bi. Eventualy you will become comfortable with talking to people. I suggest that if you need to talk to someone, friends are the best people to go to! Good luck Lynne!

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