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It could be both. I kinda resent your health taecher Semen can shoot out at ejaculation, but that might not happen to you.

There are three major things that can determine or affect whether you shoot or not:
1. Foreskin
2. How strong your orgasms are
3. How much semen you make

Since I'm uncut, my dick hole is partically covered, so it's harder for me to shoot when I ejaculate (but not impossible). Also, my dick hole is more on the side, and for most it's on the top, so that could affect it too

How strong your orgasms are - that pretty much explains it

How much cum you make - with less cum, it might not shoot out, or be harder to shoot out

Other things could be the angle you masturbate, or how hard you jerk it

It's very common for guys in puberty to not be able to shoot. It comes with time, and there's nothing wrong if you don't shoot - some grown men don't shoot based on the factors above or only sometimes. No worries man
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