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Originally Posted by Progamer9515 View Post
You don't know that even though she/he is a virgin(which they might not be), she/he can't have AIDS or stuff like that. She/He can! Aids is not only passed on by sex, but by simple things like kissing, sharing sodas, or anything that involves a different body produced substance. (spit,cum,ect.)So please, take this into mind.
What? No...
First off, you can't catch AIDS. AIDS is a syndrome that develops. AIDS is caused by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS to develop inside your body.

Second, no, HIV can't be passed on by kissing, sharing sodas, or things like licking someones arm or something. It's very difficult for HIV to travel in saliva or sweat. There would have to be a large amount of it. And if HIV was that easy to contract, there'd be a lot more cases of HIV.

The easiest way to contract HIV is through blood, semen, breast milk, and vaginal fluid. Ways to contract HIV from these: getting any one of these fluids on/in your eye, sharing needles with another person or having sex (anal, oral and vaginal). You can't contract HIV from someone's soda can or by kissing them, unless both you and them have a cut in each other's mouths or blood etc got into the soda can.

Theoredically, a baby can contract the HIV virus from the mother if she was infected before giving birth. That's the last way you can contract the virus without having sex with someone.

-My experience reading up on this stuff for awhile

Not to slam you man, but I won't let people give out the wrong info

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