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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Penis Size Questions HERE ***

I have to agree with Anthony. Sure they can do whatever they want, but it won't be mature. They are taking it too fast. Sex is supposed to be sacred(at least to my church), and they aren't even of legal age yet. Wait til 16, or to be more Christian, marriage.(but no1 does that anymore)

Sex can be dangerous, remember that. The reason for so many people dieing of AIDS everyday is because of unprotected sex, not being tested, or anything like that. You don't know that even though she/he is a virgin(which they might not be), she/he can't have AIDS or stuff like that. She/He can! Aids is not only passed on by sex, but by simple things like kissing, sharing sodas, or anything that involves a different body produced substance. (spit,cum,ect.)So please, take this into mind.

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