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Default Re: ** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE **

Originally Posted by NixonZ View Post
is there any point of getting cut when you're 18?

I don't have any problems with my foreskin it's not painful, too tight anything like that it's okay.

  • Medical concerns sometimes mean that people need to be circumcised for their own health
  • Certain religions require or recommend that their followers get circumcised. If you were to start following a relgion at this time then you might get circumcised then.
  • Some people think that circumcised penises look better than uncircumcised.
  • Uncircumcised guys in primarily circumcised areas might want to fit in, so they get it donne at a later age.

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Age is just a number. Yeah? Prison is just a room.
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call me harsh but you have to be a mega-attention seeker if you feel the need to announce that you're leaving.
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i'm too busy licking my own arse to bother with ears
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So one time when i was watching her house
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