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Let me guess, by documentarys and independent films, do you mean Farenhight 9/11? Hahahahaa. Thats a funny one. Micheal Moore, thats a sly one. Anyways, do you know how much propeganda is on that film? Its not even funny.
The BBC. Thats a funny one too. Hahaha. And let me guess. All the articals you reed are from the LA Times right?? Hahaha. Your a funny one kid.

Ok, we didnt find any WMD. Wow, big fucking deal. We suspected them of having them. And becuase we suspected them, we went to war. And we had every right to suspect it. Did he let in UN officals? No, saddam did not. So why wouldnt we???
Poverty? Homeless? There is a problem with the homeless and poverty in every country in the world. So to say our country has problems and is corrupt is just idiotic.

What the media never shows is all of the good things that happen in iraq. Do you know why? BECAUSE ITS NOT INTERESTING!! At this very moment power, water, and sewer lines are being built and working. Construction will take a while. Its not an instent thing. Its not like "whammo" and iraq is rebuilt and everything.

So now im saying, if you dont like the us and what it is doing, Go to mexico or cuba or russia. I bet you will love it there.
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