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WE DIDNT GO TO WAR FOR OIL!!! Jesus Christ. How many times do i have to say it? Our country is fuck up aeh. If its so fucked up, then why are we number one? I dont see riots in the streets or extream poverty? I dont know what you see ( must not beable to) but our country is just good as it has been.

What did we "waste" all of these lives for? Well we "wasted" them trying to get rid of a dictator. To liberate millions of Iraqies that lived in fear. And also we "wasted" their lives cuz eventualy Saddam was going do do something. He was going to pull something off and if we didnt take care of it now, then millions of others might of died.

Ok, mabey he wasnt going to pull off anything on us. Would you really want him to have WMDs? I think not.

How do we not care about anything than ourselves. I will bet you so much that we are one of the major contributors for aid and money in the world. Who was one of the countrys that donated the most, governmentaly and privately, to the people in India and where the Tsunami hit? The United States of America.

Next point. How the fuck is our government corrupt??? ITS NOT!!!

One last point. If you dont like it here, if you hate this country so much, THEN GET OUT!!! Its people like you that want everything to fail, but it isnt working.

I suggest next time you post, acctualy try and have a clue about what you are talkjing about. Cuz you odviously dont no shit.

Im done
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