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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Ahhh, everyone's always looking for the 'Ultimate' when it comes to masturbation!

Here's the deal with lube. Other than the stuff you buy at the drugstore that is specifically designed as a lube, be very careful with whatever you rub on your penis. Just because it's handy or you're horny or it's slippery doesn't mean it's necessarily a good thing to be putting on your penis.

Read the ingredients! In general, anything with any type of alcohol is a no-no. Likewise, anything that you cannot pronounce, or anything that you cannot figure out is probably some kind of chemical that maybe you shouldn't be exposing Mr. Blinky to. Even things like soap and conditioner are made up of chemicals and compounds that are very irritating, eventhough they seem ok and are slippery. So be careful and use common sense.

And another thing while I'm on a roll here. Don't stick things up your butt. There's nothing in there worth digging for, there's no truth that you'll have a better O if you jam something up there. If you absolutley must dig around up there, make sure you use that common sense of yours, and make sure it's small, clean, and very flexible. The skin up there is very delicate and easily ruptures, which will cause a major 911.
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