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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Some of the links in this post do have images of flaccid & erect penises - don't click if you don't want to see.

Originally Posted by AHrr View Post
I also am a medstudent and can tell you that the nerves that should be in the foreskin are specialized in pain, not in pleasure, all the pleasure point in the penis are in the outline of the glans, called crown,
Proof? Everything I've ever seen on the subject has said that the foreskin is the main source of pleasure on the penis. I'm not likely to believe you unless you have a relatively reliable source to back you up.

Wikipedia (Ik, not particularly reliable): "The foreskin is a primary sensory part of the penis, containing some of the most sensitive areas of the penis."

Norm-Uk (Seems reliable enough): "Circumcision removes the most important sensory component of the foreskin - thousands of coiled fine-touch receptors called Meissner's corpuscles. Also lost are branches of the dorsal nerve, and between 10,000 and 20,000 specialized erotogenic nerve endings of several types. Together these detect subtle changes in motion and temperature, as well as fine gradations in texture. "

Wikipedia: "Meissner's corpuscles do not detect pain; this is signalled exclusively by free nerve endings."

Originally Posted by AHrr View Post
besides it IS, and this isn't me saying it, it's said by experts, it is cleaner to be circumcised because underneath the foreskin there's a substance called smegma that can be home for multiple fungi.
I'm more inclined to believe my own experiences and the experiences of all my previous partners than an unknown 'expert' source. Smegma is the last stage of an unhygienic guy. I have had a very small amount in my life and that was when I couldn't shower for 4 days... it doesn't just suddenly appear after 10 minutes. It takes maybe 5 seconds to retract the foreskin, wash, and move on.

You might want to stop discussing this here, as:

Originally Posted by Aηdy View Post
If you want to debate the advantages/disadvantages of being cut or uncut, do so in the debate forum.

Originally Posted by DoctorWhat
Age is just a number. Yeah? Prison is just a room.
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call me harsh but you have to be a mega-attention seeker if you feel the need to announce that you're leaving.
Originally Posted by Jon
i'm too busy licking my own arse to bother with ears
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So one time when i was watching her house

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