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Originally Posted by FaDinG DreaM
You DUMBASS congress dosnen't even read a quarter of the bills it passes they admit that themselves!
I find it funny how you will spend "81 BILLION" to MURDER people and "not think twice" but you can't spend that to help provide food, medical supplys, education, clean drinking water and shelter to 3rd world countrys like africa.....Typical.....Fuckin american goverment!

Where the majority of the worlds population is

America is only 5% of the total world population but it consumes over 55% of the profit and recourses no to mention its ONE of the major contributors to global warming caused by CO2 saturation (which will happen in 50yrs its to late to stop it)
First, why the hell would congress admit that? They wouldnt.
Second, its not murder. So do you think killing terrorists that have already murdered thousands themselves is murder? I think now. Would you rather have the U.S. not go to war and then all of these terrorists at large? I bet you that if we didnt go to war, then there would have been terrorist attacks coming out of our ears. If we didnt go to war, mabey you would be dead right now along with thousands of others. Did you ever think of that? The U.S. and Britain have made the world a safer place no matter what you say.
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