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congratulations, if you actually were aware of current affairs you would know that it wasnt even the US who reccommended beinging UN sacntions against Iran. the united nations is trying to get Iran back into the disarmament talks, but they defy them and say they will enrich uranium anyways. the un will diffenately back us up beacuse its the countries in it who are all threatening iran if they dont stop what they said they werent going to do anyways. oh and about the nukes thing, every first world country has them, and i dont see anyone complaining about it. they only time people complain is what some shithole unstable thirdworld country gets them with intent to use them. you dont think we could support another war? congress just passed an 81 billion dollar spending bill to support war efforts. they passed it like it was nothing -- voting 100 to 0. oh we can support it alright, and we will probably go to war along with britain and everyone else in the un if iran doesnt stop being a douche
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