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Originally Posted by matts13 View Post
what does it feel like to masturbate with diffrent lubes? i normaly jack dry. how does it improve the SENSATION? hows petroleum jelly (vasaline)?
I think it greatly increases the sensation. But Its really hard to say, just try it yourself!

Originally Posted by toby View Post
Erm, everytime I masturbate now my foreskin is pulled all the way down my "head", completly exposing it.

Obviously I am not circumsised and would like to know why this happens, it has only recently started and does it mean something is wrong? It's really freaking me out. Do I need to see a doctor or anything?
No, thats natural. In fact, youhave to pull the foreskin all teh way back to put a condom on, so Its good that you can do that. Dont worry about it!
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