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First of all correct me if I'm worng (to be honest i've lost track of all the countrys america wants to go to war with lattly) but isn't it North Korea thats making weapons grade plutonium?

Originally Posted by cosmos
the united nations will back us up this time
LMFAO!! Dou't full I honestly didn't think it was possible but Bush has made americas reputation even worse. He completly defied the UN without any thought befor and he threatens other countrys on a daily basis.

Nooo nooo I highly dou't the UN will back you up.

But it dosen't matter really anyway your deficit is waaaaay to big and this war has already cost you billions.....I honestly dou't you could afford another war unless they actually attacked you at which point yes the UN meaning every member country of the UN would step in and help america crush them but thats unlickly to happen.

Besides there are many countrys including america that have nukes yet when anyone else gets them you do that whole "how dare you!" thing. Heres a thought why don't you get rid of your nukes I mean honestly you'd still have enough millitary power and normal bombs n missiles to flatten the planet if you wanted. Whats it matter? You can blow earth all to hell once instead of twice which is a lil over kill cause the planets already gone cause you already blew it up......Exactly.

If other countrys can't have nukes then i don't think america er any other country should either.
Canada dosen't have them were doin fine.
I'm not saying dismantal your whole millitary JUST the nukes.

America didn't even blow the biggest nuke up the soviets did when they tested a nuclear bomb nicknamed "tzar" (the soviet union never was very accurate like america so they compincated by just blowing the crap out of everything)so its not like its sum ego thing

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