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Default Re: loads of drugs...

Originally Posted by menchion View Post
hey, im 13 and i only moved to b.c. from my beloved newfoundland around 3 months ago.
theres alot of older ( 15-18 ) teenagers here and lots of drugs. like, 75% of the teenagers smoke and like 20% smoke weed. the cops here have given up dealing with the teenagers because theres so many and the cops started a riot 4 years ago where every teen was fighting the cops. anyways, i have been influenced to try: Drinking, smoking, weed and shrooms. has any1 else been influenced to do drugs in that sort of way.(i think experimenting is a better word)??

also, any1 with other stories are welcome to share

BAHAHAHAHAHA welcome to BC man
God i love my home

okay I'm stuck in Alberta now ya shitty i know erugh

drugs are everywhere espically in the west
Pot is HUGE in B.C why? because it can grow there on its own in the bush
so its easy to get
over 40% of all Canadian pot comes from just BC

First of all I wanna stat its against the rules to support or encourage drugs on VT

so ya....

Alcohol isnt overly dangerous IF and I must strain the IF your around people you trust and you know they will take care of you when your drunk
If you just met these guys I wouldnt do it just tell'em no
just be like naw man i'm good

Pot again if your not around people that will take care of you bad things can happen add to that its an illigal drug so cops r all grrrrr
now when i was there it was DAM close to being decriminalized so the cops didnt care

I'm not sure if thats changed but personally...I wouldn't risk it
and thats clean pot CLEAN like not cut with anything and not the shitty kind...

Shrooms.....well first of all shrooms are mushrooms.....mushrooms grow on crap....
these paticular shit kids are actually posinous
under a drug test they show up as food posioning
what do they do to your body? they make your brain stem bleed.....ya
effects bright colors, childlike innocence feeling, hallucination's and everything intensified
so if someone like punches you
it REALLY fuckin hurts

I've spent my whole life around drugs
ya just gotta make it clear that thats not ur thing
you dont give a dam if they do minor drugs but you dont want to
if there ur friends they'll understand
and that'll be that

depending on who you're talking to.....don't threaten to snitch
the dealers n gangs don't like that..

you leave them alone they leave you alone

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