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Default Re: Circumcising your child

Originally Posted by notsure101 View Post
i would because im christian and to keep urself cleaner
What does Christianity have to do with it? Paul kind of changed a few can also stop keeping kosher, in case you didn't know.

I wouldn't cut my son. It's not because I'm uncut and happy; that'd be a stupid reason, as my opinion isn't necessarily my kid's. Most of the arguments I hear here are, "what if he wants it done when he's older?" What if he wants it undone when he's older?

The chance he'll be unhappy either way is low (definitely not enough to justify the "it'll hurt more if he needs it later" argument to me). As for hygiene...I've never had it explained what's so difficult about hygiene. You wash it for a few seconds in the shower, which is probably what cut guys would do. It's one swipe of the washcloth...I spend more time cleaning behind my ears.

I need a more compelling reason to put my son through surgery than "I like how it turned out" or "it very slightly reduces the chance of infection", or - God forbid - "it looks prettier" - if it's a body part he might enjoy having. So, I'd leave the choice up to him when he gets older.


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