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Default Re: survey

do you prefer;

[X] big breast
[X] medium
[X] small breast
(in other words I don't care, although too big and too small do bother me sometimes, so I guess I really prefer medium)
[ ] shaven
[X] short
[ ] unshaven
Again, don't care.. but I'll check one anyway..

[X] blond
[ ] black
[ ] red
[X] brown

how old are you?
what do you like in a girl?
Funny, somewhat good-looking/physically attractive, good personality (i.e. kind, understanding), someone who I can talk with, someone who likes me for who I am.
have you lost your virginity?
what do you think the average bra size is for girls your age?
Hmmm, at first I almost took this the wrong way since I'm a guy.. lmao.. I'd say probably b or c, but I'm not sure
what do you think a small bra size is for a girl your age?
a I guess, but I like some girls that are that small... so I don't see small as bad
what do you think a big bra size is for girls your age?
d or over
what percentage of girls your age are virgin?
heheh, in my town, maybe 40%.. its probably higher...
have you had sex?
if so what kind?

do you have/had a girlfriend and if so how many?
Nope.. none.. except for in second grade... good times.. good times..
have you started puberty? Yes, quite awhile ago

what age did you start?
what percentage of girls your age have started puberty do you think?
do more girls your age have big, small, little, or no breast?
Medium-small, although I know a few with really big breasts
do you like big nipples or small?
Prefer small, but don't really care
have you had a serious girlfriend?
Again.. no
have you seen a girl naked?
do you have a best girl friend?
Not exactly
have you touched girls breast?
Not intentionally
have you seen a girl get dressed
do you have any more sugestions for more questions?

thanks for anserin: YOU'RE WELCOME!

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