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Originally Posted by Phoenix Vermillion View Post
And, if I am correct, I believe it's that so, because along the line of genetic evolution, the fact that balls rubbing and constantly smacking into each other isn't exactly healthy.
And, on the same subject, where did the idea of that you have cancer if one of your balls is lower/larger than the other? o_0
1. They don't really smack against against each other. At least, not for me. They don't rub much either. Really, they're so close together and so tight in there I don't see how they could separate far enough to knock against each other or rub. I'm guessing that the way that it's suspended from the body and how small the space is, it's made so that those won't happen.
2. I have no idea where that came from 0_o One ball is lower the other, always, unless you're in a very small part of the population. And with saying that, there's nothing wrong with it

Originally Posted by crimson
I always spit on my hands and rub it on my dick, does anyone else do this?
Well, if you just do that and don't use it as a lube, that's kinda weird 0_o but if you use spit as a lube, that's all good and fine. In fact, spit is one of the most used lubes, although I wouldn't recommend it.

Originally Posted by ZTroyE View Post
when i cum you know when you squeeze a super glue gun the bubble yea well thats my cum is that normal?
It could be because you can't produce enough sperm yet, so it may come out slowly and you squeeze your dick to get it out. You'll be able to make more later, and an ejaculation gets a bit stronger after awhile...or at least that's how it was for me.
It could also be because you hold some of it in while you're having an orgasm, and then you let it out later. Make sure you don't do this! =]

Originally Posted by Groszewski
Is it true that the right testicle is always larger than the left testicle?
No. The left one could be larger and the right one could be smaller. But in general, one hangs lower and one is larger. And just because one's larger doesn't mean that the larger one'll hang lower. For me, my left nut's smaller but hangs lower and the right one's up more but bigger.

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