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Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
You'll have to use a proxy server to access the interent. Search for a proxy on google.

Basically then you type the web adress you want on the proxy site and youll get to it all without actually leaving the proxy site.

Other than that you can make an IP scrambler but I'm assuming thats a little advanced considering I pprobably couldn't do it.

btw people cant see much from your IP address, they can only see where it's server is, which is whereever your ISP keeps its equipment. Meaning nobody an get any personal info, not even your exact location from an IP adress.
Are you wanting it for uses to hide your IP so you don't get banned from sites, or something else?

Some ISPs don't come even close to your Physical location when you look at your IP. Like, if you connect to AOL in, say, the UK, I do believe it shows you as being in New York, or something, based on your IP.

Then, you have others, like mine, which are owned by a small town ISP, which is based less than a mile from me, so mine gives my exact city, from which, I am less than a mile from the center of town. Slightly more Aggravating.

- Bill
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