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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

[QUOTE=surenix;188928]Im uncut and loving it but what are some ups and downs of not being cut. All of the guys in my class are cut but me and my best friend and are always making fun of us what should be do?[/QUOTE

The best 'Up' I can think of being uncut is that it's you! You should enjoy it, and feel good about it, simply because it's yours. It's not better or worse.

It's too bad there are guys in your class who are so insecure with themselves that they give you a hard time. That's what it is, you know, that nagging sense that because you're different in that little way, it's too threatening for them. Maybe understanding it might help you tolerate it a bit better. Response? None. Don't play into their insecurity by responding. Eventually, it'll stop if you ignore it.
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