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Default Re: Overheating for no discernable reason... D:

Originally Posted by mutegrunge View Post
Blah... well, only lately I've begun walking or biking to school each morning (about 15 minutes each way). Now, I'm not in horrible shape, nor am I at the top of my game, and it's not too hot outdoors this time of year either. But every time I arrive at school I am utterly boiling, sweaty, red... it's awful.

I can't figure why I would be affected like this, but it seems to be whenever I go from moving (no matter how vigorous) to sitting, with little transition in between. I can't see a reason why, so perhaps someone could enlighten me with their knowledge..? Heh.
i know what you mean. when i'm doing something active i might break into a light sweat, but as soon as i stop it just pours out and is disgusting.


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