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Originally Posted by mrbigmouth502 View Post
Is it normal to become bored of masturbation? When I was younger I would wank a lot but now it seems like I've done it so much that I pretty much just do it to get rid of unwanted horniness, and when I actually get around to it it feels like a chore. Occasionally it can be fun/pleasurable, but I don't seem to enjoy it as much as a lot of other people. Also, I find that I have a hard time "getting off" unless I'm looking at pr0n or imagining something really vividly.
It sounds like you are maybe doing it too much and are wanking just because you feel you have to. I would suggest maybe not jacking it for at least a few days or maybe just see how long you can go without it.... like a self-control test. Focus on other things in life and dont think about it. Or take a few days off and try a new, different technique that you have never tried before. Check out jackingworld for ideas. Wanking the same 'ol way time after time can be boring.


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