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Default Re: So i smashed my finger and uhh..

Very sorry to revive a thread, but I was changing tires on one of our family cars, and dropped the Air Socket wrench on my right thumb, and it weighed about 10 pounds, and when I tripped, it flew up in the air, and smashed down on my thumb. I split the top half of the bone in my thumb in half, and my nail fell out, and took 3 months to regrow. And, what really sucked is that I'm right handed. So, I had a big splint over my thumb for about 3 months, and I had trouble writing, AND on top of that, had 2 major projects due, both of which were to be handwritten only. Sometimes, My thumb will get a little weird, it may numb for a few minutes, then return to normal, or it will hurt for a few minutes and return to normal, and sometimes it "pops" a million times, making it feel a little weird.
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