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Default Turning it all around

Starting at the end.....or at least some random place in my thoughts that definately isn't the beginning....cheers scott



It happened so slowly that I don't think anyone even noticed. One by one, we silently replaced everything that every generation needs so much, with unnecessary, destructful things. With words that were created only to offend and hurt. With emotions to gradually take us apart and run with the pieces to hide them in dark corners. With people that need to control and maime and kill. With a huge disregard for life, and humanity, and everything else that used to hold so much meaning. And now, we all sit here on our worn swivel chairs, knocking our knees repeatedly against the edge of our desks and we cut, and we cry, and we fall apart and we question how this happened. I'm not blaming you, as one person could never do this alone, but at least understand.
We've screwed it all up, and now we can't remember what colour the sky should be amongst all the polution. We can't recall a clear skyline lacking smoke and sky scrapers. Can you still easily picture an honest, open smile, with no secret motives, or double meanings? Do you think that you could laugh, and mean it, and not worry about who thought you looked stupid?
Do you think that you could try to stop blaming your wrists and your hips and your friends, and yourself for everything that's fucked up, because really it doesn't matter who's to blame. Maybe you could quit fighting on every forum you go on because someone stole your avatar or has a different view and think about what's important, and try and start to turn this pile of crap it looks like we've been handed with into a decent set of values. Like I said, I'm blaming no one, I'm accusing no one, but I'm about to get off my ass and start trying. I'm gonna try to stop hacking myself to pieces in time for the summer. I'm gonna start trying to do everything I've known I needed to do for so long. You could try too? Or would you rather replace the list up there ^^^ with the list below this. Maybe it's time we had another go at life without our blades, eh?



If I offended anyone, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
It's just what's on my mind today.

*...All the possibility and promise just weighs on me so heavily...*
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