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Default Re: Pro's and Cons of circumsision (healthwise)

Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
Hate to bump this, but I want to point out that this is from an incredibly biased source. Basically, they've taken the most friendly statistics for circumcision and juxtaposed them with the most conservative statistics against. "Sexual function is better" is less proven than "sensation is worse," but the former is presented as fact, and the latter is debunked.

I could find an anti-circumcision site that uses the same set of studies to reach the opposite conclusion. But I won't, because that's intellectually dishonest. I can list a number of things this study neglects. What about excessively tight circumcisions? The loss of the sexual function of the foreskin? Are those who are circumcised, but unhappy about it, "healthy"? The point of medicine is to make people happy about their bodies...if they aren't, and it can't be reversed, it's a failure of medicine. Period.

Basically, don't believe everything you read. A study by the University of Washington said that both of them are nearly balanced in pros and cons. Personally, that's why I believe it's unethical not to leave it up to the child.
We're not off to a good start here, Dolphus Raymond. I sure hope you're not going to come here alot and try to create the same free-for-all you've got going at your site. Perhaps you've noticed the lack of debate and argument here.

I agree that you shouldn't believe everything you read (esp online, where anyone can sound very official and very convincing). However, once again, I find myself not so much in disagreement with the topic of circ, but rather the not so subtle ways you manage to get your negative opinion across at the expense of potentially disturbing some of our members ("Excessively tight circumcisions", "Loss of sexual function of the foreskin", etc.). Based on these fright tactics, it's no wonder that there are cut guys out there who doubt themselves and their parents! The fact is, that 'gliding action', the 'sexual function of the foreskin', those 'jillions of nerve endings', all sound far more delicious than they really are. When you masturbate (or have sex) all you feel is that 'great' sensation, you really don;t feel something unique like 'gliding'. it just feels good. And that 'good' feeling is the same with or without the foreskin there. You do not know this, I do. And although my N= 1, it's still 1 more than you (or anyone else here) have. Dismissing it as 'anecdotal' might make you feel better, but not our audience (50% who are cut).

The UW study that (hurrrah!) indicates the equal balance of pros and cons is exactly why it's perfectly reasonable for parents to exercise their parental judgement in making this decision for their sons. It's interesting that you find the opposite true, I believe it reveals alot about your opinion of parenting in particular and marriage in general. But not much of the consequence of the decision.

There's no need for debate, the purpose of the thread wasn't to precipitate an argument, or elicit your opinion. Your choice to respond with the info you did was completely unnecessary and shows really bad judgement. And that's the hostility I spoke of last nite. It shouldn't be okay to hurt others in order to prove that foreskin is ok. They're not missing anything.
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