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Default Re: Embarrassing OCD Habits

I always wash my hands before touching my iPod or Xbox 360 controllers.
I won't move the lid of my laptop while it's booting up.
I need to raise the blinds of my windows all the way up.
When securing windows I lower the lock on the track first, then close the latch on the pillar.
I always coil hoses in a perfect circle or oval after I'm done using them. If a hose if being stubborn, I connect it to hot water to soften the rubber.
If I get a cut on my hand, arm or leg, I keep that arm or leg out of the water when having a shower until it heals completely. Once I got a huge scratch on my left leg under my knee. It healed, but left a scar. Because the scar was there I didn't feel like it healed, so for about a year ever time I had a shower I'd keep my leg out of the stream of water.
I always insert my laptop into the bag with the hinge down. Although this is more to keep the protrusion of the extended run battery from blocking the zipper than OCD. (here's a pic so you know what I mean)
My video games stay in the exact same order on the shelf as they were when I picked them up. I bought them used from a friend and he handed them to me in a stack in a shopping bag and I've kept them in that order ever since.
I won't leave my Black Ops game disk in my console overnight. Other games I'll leave in there if I know I'll play them tomorrow, but Black Ops goes back in its case.
When listening to my iPod I always put the earphone wire under my shirt.
If I'm partially through a song on my iPod or iTunes and I decide to pick a different song I touch or click respectively the end of the scrubber bar before I choose the next song so iTunes will increment the play count.
If I want to stick my feet out from under the covers when I'm sleeping I fold the corner of my sheets back carefully and stick my feet out.

There's another more complex one that I'll post later when I have more time.

Originally Posted by khila View Post
I always have to look someone up and down 11 times before i will make eye contact if not i think they have a weapon
I think all of America does that before making eye contact.

Originally Posted by crackerjacks
I hoped that my parents would get me a better phone when i tried to soak my phone battery in water because i wanted to get one of those expensive phones. but no, that didn't work
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