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it just sounds made up to me. it sounds like any other religion in the past. like hell and satin. apparently hes the one who does all the bad things. wrong its just a way to.explqin a way how bad things happen. and the story of how he suposebly became sating is so made up. adam and eve anothernstory to explain how we got here. seven days the earth was created. scientificly proven it took around 4 billion years to become the earth we know today. it was writen in a book and abraham "discoverd" god when he dropped a stone statue. wtf?

and the bible says we decended from adam and eve. how come theres scientific evidence of evoulition among the human race. and christianity also says were the only life in the whole entire universe or intellegent life. an ininite distance in the universe and its huge. and your telling me where the only intellegent life? no just no. and earth is the only plannet that can support life like it does. then how come we have found plannets light years away that can 100% support human life?

Maybe one day well meet an alien race like the covenant in halo. but everything will be revealed ince we work out inertelstear travel.

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