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I don't see what's offensive about what Groszewski is saying. Parents aren't perfect. They may assume that something is obligatory when it's not. Ninety percent of parents in the 1970s circumcised their children. If you think all of them did it with full education and after researching the pros and cons, you're a lot more generous about the average person's medical education than I am. Some parents don't give it a second thought. I think that's disappointing. If you're permanently modifying a part of the anatomy that might be missed, you should really have a higher standard than "he'll look like dad" or "I met a nurse who said she heard it was healthier."

IAMSAM, although I respect your opinion and all, anecdotal evidence isn't exactly scientifically great. The theory of circumcision-related sensitivity loss relates to keratinization. The glans becomes hard and tougher with gradual exposure. That means gradual; in other words, it would likely be so gradual that you wouldn't notice much, and it would take years to show full effect anyway. There are studies with conflicting results on sensitivity. Some say it makes no difference to the glans sensitivity. There's pretty wide agreement that the foreskin itself is sensitive. Whether being uncircumcised makes for more pleasure is unclear. I don't really bother arguing which is superior or inferior, because I don't honestly care. It's individual preference (you said it yourself). I think that choice is the more important matter. Be thankful that you had it. That's all I'm saying.

I think people should try to be happy with what they have. But if someone feels that they should have had the choice over their body, I can't blame them. I personally agree that it should be a choice. Since when does disagreeing with a parental choice mean you think your parents are sadistic jerks who wanted to hurt you? It doesn't. There is a reason that, along with the advent of the Internet, the rates have fallen below 60% (and to about 25% on the West Coast), and it's been abandoned most everywhere outside of the U.S. Questioning tradition is a part of maturity. That's why our parents encouraged us to think.


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