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Default Re: Pro's and Cons of circumsision (healthwise)

Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
Hate to bump this, but I want to point out that this is from an incredibly biased source. Basically, they've taken the most friendly statistics for circumcision and juxtaposed them with the most conservative statistics against. "Sexual function is better" is less proven than "sensation is worse," but the former is presented as fact, and the latter is debunked.

I could find an anti-circumcision site that uses the same set of studies to reach the opposite conclusion. But I won't, because that's intellectually dishonest.

Basically, don't believe everything you read. A study by the University of Washington said that both of them are pretty balanced in pros and cons. Personally, that's why I believe it's unethical not to leave it up to the child.
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