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Default Re: Pro's and Cons of circumsision (healthwise)

Originally Posted by Hannibal Lector MD. View Post
Nice, quick response Valtastic!!! IAMSAM is the one most qualified to answer that. It has been proven that the pleasure is the same. So no need to mope.
How has it been proven? Because one person has told you and you assume that it is fact? A scientific fact is an ovservation that has been repeatedly observed. In this case, I believe it is a matter of opinion and I respectfully accept that.

Ah Sam, you've taken my spotlight. No matter though, I'm happy with being the ghost in the archives

And again most of these observations in the first post are things that I don't exactly agree with, and I don't really care about. Some of them are true, others are a little tipsy, like this one:

Reduces by approximately 3-fold the risk of getting
HIV (AIDS), during sex with an infected woman. HIV
enters via the vulnerable inner lining of the foreskin of
a healthy penis, but can also infect via sores anywhere
on the penis (caused for example by genital herpes). In
countries such as the USA that have a low prevalence
of HIV the risk of a heterosexual man being infected
with HIV sexually is generally low. His risk, especially
if uncircumcised, will be much greater if he engages
in unsafe sex with people of countries in which HIV
You should know if the person you're having sex with is HIV+ or not and the absence of foreskin shouldn't be a factor even worth considering because you should be safe anyay, because it's the same disease, it has the same effect and you can still get it either way.

Other than that, the info is OK. I just don't really care for it.
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