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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Groszewski View Post
Again: If it all comes down to just skin, why fix something that's not broken.

It's not so much the removed foreskin, but why was my right of choice not enforced? There's no point in arguing about the removal of foreskin, it's already happened and can't be reversed-no point in arguing about it, but What I'm really trying to get at is why nobody told me "Okay, we will perform this procedure, but do agree to it?" I know Virtual Teen spans over the world, and I'm American. And as an American citizen (and under general Human Ethics) I am entitled to make my own decisions whether it be for my own personal gain, or to the pitfall of others.
I understand your perspective here, alot of guys talk about the 'choice' issue. But, let's face it. Kids (infants, especially) really don't have much choice. That's why they have parents, to make the important decisions on their behalf, to do what they believe is best for them. Why you cannot accept this, why 'choice' for you is that important, is the real issue. Most guys are pretty happy with what they have, ask yourself why you're not.

Regardless of how 'Shady' things might be in your neck of the woods, the idea that this was done to you in some kind of a sneaky, underhanded fashion, without the full consent of your folks is really preposterous. Again, ask yourself why you choose to believe this, try to understand what this says about you.

There are benefits to being cut, benefits to being uncut. But there is no diff in pleasure, so why guys get so worked up over this (while most don't) is really the issue.
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