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Default Re: Outlawing Gayness

Originally Posted by theoneforyou56 View Post
Just don't blame Christians for shit we didn't do!
I admit that the generalization of Christianity obviously includes people that had nothing to do with the discrimination of homosexuals, but I also know that very much of the discrimination we're all working against was cause by religious people, especially Christians, who were acting on their beliefs. Granted, many of them took it too far, but basically what I'm saying is you shouldn't take so much offense in the statement "I put it all down to religion" because it definitely has a lot of support behind it.

The way I see it is there are two overall groups of people who discriminate against homosexuals: Religious Groups, and Homophobes in general. So yeah, religion undoubtedly had/has very much to do with all these ideas that being gay/bi is wrong or should be illegal.
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