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Default Re: Is the United States a Theocracy?

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post

I completely agree that Bush hates JEWS. Considering the U.S's number one partner is Israel, you know...that place full of jews....

And because of said partnership Bush got THE JEWISH vote.

But obviously it's all a ploy to kill them all, I mean why befriend their nation and give them BIG GUNS, if we just wanna kill em ;D
Are you being sarcastic?

I'm assuming that you're being sarcastic, and yes Bush is nice to Israel, but he's also nice to Iraq now that he's trying to rebuild it, but in his mind he's just conquering the world one country at a time, starting off with what he sees as the weakest. He does not like jews, he doesn't want to kill them all, but he doesn't hide the fact that he only likes RICH WHITE CHRISTIANS. [Don't forget that part of being president is HIDING personal bias]

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