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Default Re: Friends Screwing Up My Chances

Well, I've been hanging out with this new group of friends, but I've only become really good friends with two of the guys. And by the way, I'd say 60% of the guys in my school carry around shanks/pocket knives/swss army knives/switchblades/etc., and a lot of kids bring in some really strange things (one of my friends brought in a lighter that he short circuited/took apart and made it so if he hit a button it would burst into flames, blowing up the lighter), but also, one of my friends that I've had for quite awhile has stopped being immature and we hang out a lot (talk about movies, girls, etc.), and I think I could call him a best friend (I haven't had a real best friend since 5th grade). Right now things are getting better, and I met a girl (who I've only talk to a little), that I'm going to try to get to know better, and possibly, eventually ask her out, but I never really hang out with girls that much, but the leader of my new group of friends has a lot of friends that are girls (I'm a freshman, a lot of his friends are sophomores/juniors), the guys I hang out with now aren't much better than my old friends (some of them carry shanks/knives), but they don't talk about blowing up the school/none of them are suicidal/none of them hurt people to get recognition, so they're better than my old friends, but the thing is, some of my new friends still freak out girls (despite they're popularity and not being as bad, they're really immature), and only one of them is as intelligent as me. I'm in like all honors classes, and there are only two kids in my new group of friends that take more than one honors class. I still feel pressured to make new friends, I still think my best friend is this kid who doesn't live in my town who I only see during camp. We talk about everything, I mean I get really open around him, but he hasn't called me since a week after my camp ended in mid-August, and I'm someone who really hates calling people. Thats probably whats screwed up my life in terms of girls/friends/etc., I really don't like calling people, starting conversations, and in fact, I even have trouble typing up some of the more personal threads on VT and other sites. I spent like a month avoiding the puberty section, and I only recently began starting and typing in threads in this section... Sorry for the rant, but all in all I think my life is getting a little better (except for the fact that I'm getting a C in my Bio-Honors class).

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