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Default Re: Is the United States a Theocracy?

Anthony's not a girl, but Prince Jellyfish, you left out a major theocracy, actually the most well known/biggest theocracy: Iran. But anyway, the United States obviously isn't an actual theocracy, but look at Bush, then look at New Orleans. We, like almost every other country/continent (with the exception of Penguinland, eh hem, Antarctica), are a nation based on prejudice. Bush hates blacks, jews, muslims, etc. He voices his opinion, all though he doesn't one hundred percent make it known. He's not going to announce it to the world, but covertly he's sending out the message that he's a biased son of a bitch. Although we all are somewhat biased/prejudiced/prejudgemental, still, if we have a leader who basically bases 75% of his policies on religion, couldn't you see the U.S. as a theocracy?

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