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Default i want him now that he's leaving!

this is the same guy from the "why does it make me mad" topic. i havent talked to him much because he hangs around the guy from the "how am i suppose to get over him?" topic. so he's a citizen of a country in europe and he has to go back because every 18 year old male citizen has to sign up for the military. he could be gone for a couple weeks, or i may never see him again. so me and our group of friends are going to be hanging around him a lot before he goes. and now that he has to go back and i may never see him again, i suddenly want him really badly. so we're hanging out a lot this weekend, and that means almost non stop hanging out and drinking and having fun. so he's been attracted to me too for a while, but i know it wouldnt be smart to get involved with him at this point in time. so how do i keep myself from doing anything stupid?
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