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Default Re: Pro's and Cons of circumsision (healthwise)

Originally Posted by lardlad2002 View Post
yah, but it feels better to masturbate uncircumcized.
Originally Posted by Hannibal Lector MD. View Post
Nice, quick response Valtastic!!! IAMSAM is the one most qualified to answer that. It has been proven that the pleasure is the same. So no need to mope.

IAMSAM, Sam i am! Someone called?

I think it's sorta natural to think that whatever kind of penis you have it must be better (or, maybe more accurately, the opposite, that whatever THEY have cannot possibly, hopefully, be better). Unfortunately, I have to say from first hand experience (I was cut at 15), that there really isn't a diff in pleasure. Sorry. They both feel identical, there's no diff.
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