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Default Re: Need to calm down

Yes, I can relate to you! You have 'Relationship Shock' that dreadful feeling you get AFTER a relationship ends, and you want another relationship, while simultaneously wanting to hide under a big rock, for fear of it being another disaster. Perfectly understandable, and perfectly normal.

First, i'd suggest you try really hard to look at your prior relationship with brutal, frank honesty and figure out what you did that was, um, wrong. What happened that could have been prevented, and how you could have avoided the calamity. Be truthful with your self, the point is to identify what went wrong so you can apply that knowledge and experience in a new relationship.

Then, I'd apply what i learned. You can either tell your new sweetie what's been going on (that you've been hurt recently and you're a little gun shy), or just keep that piece to yourself, and take it nice and slow, applying your new found insight to prevent anything nasty from happening.

Crap happens, it's too bad when it does, but it's just a part of life. Those that are successful learn from their mistakes and apply them in the future. Do that.
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