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Default Re: *** Ask ALL Cut / Uncut Questions HERE ***

Originally Posted by Groszewski View Post
Cut and doesn't like it.

When I was cut, Even though it was when I was an infant and obviously can't remember it, I don't think my parents were asked, and what really bothers me is:

Even if my parents did say "Ok, go ahead", Was I asked whether or not I would consent to the procedure? Just because I'm an infant and can't speak and give my opinion means it's okay to do it? It's the same thing with abortion. Just because the fetus is not fully formed, can't speak, or even do anything means it's not alive, "It's not technically killing" (So say those who say so)? BS.

I want to know why is it not okay to do something to a person without their permission, and yet, why is it okay to remove a bit of a newborn male infant's genitals?

That's my 2 dollars (Sorry for long post)
Well, i'm truly sorry you feel so violated. But, let me give you a little change back from your 2 dollars. First, it sounds like you have a case of parental resentment. Do you typically resent your parent's authority? Do you not trust their judgement generally? Do you really think they did this because they wanted to deprive you of something? I think most parents make the decision (either to circ or not) based on what they sincerely believe is 'better'. Why you think your parents wouldn't/couldn't/didn't is something you might think on instead of missing something you never had the experience to miss in the first place.

It's always interesting to me that guys who have not experienced what foreskin is like can have such strong feelings about it. It's not like you had it and remembered it and loved it and it was taken away from you. So, i have to believe your (and guys like you) perspective is coming from something else.

Rather than feel cheated your whole life over something that, again, you have no idea about, maybe you should just wait a while, and see if your feelings change as you get some experience. And maybe you should talk with your parents and verify if they really are as selfish and stupid as you're making them seem.

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