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Hey man, I think that's good for you and you should go ahead and start weight training. It's a fun thing to do and great to learn at 14, like everyone says, so you can secure and maintain a healthy lifesytle.

I want to add that I don't believe weight training would stunt your growth. I have read extensively from links provided by Google and I have always heard, and never, EVER heard otherwise: "there is no conclusive scientific evidence that weight training during puberty stunts growth".

Weight training to maintain a healthy lifestyle, get stronger and get the ladies (or guys, whatever) is very good to start at 14 or a few years from then.
However, I don't suggest that you do any body building and intense workouts when 1) you're just starting out and 2) you're in puberty or under 18. I'm not at all behind this because I think this may, if anything, stunt growth. It can also be dangerous and you could really over-do it (and overworking-out is fucking hell). But for what you say you're doing, and all the guys at my school are doing, that's just fine =]

I agree with Anthony, Hyper, and IAMSAM.
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