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Default Need to calm down

Just need somebody to talk to about all this. Dunno where to start.

Umm. well you see i used to have a girlfriend a year ago. It was all good, until i said something wrong and then did a number of things wrong afterwards which totally fucked up our interaction with eachother. We don't talk anymore, we dont make eye contact, we dont acknowledge eachother. But thats not the point

Theres this other girl, that i think I like. And from the clues shes given me she likes me back. But, i just dont know if im ready to have a girlfriend. She can relate to me because i know she went out with guys and now they dont like talking to eachother anymore. I dunno if she wants to go out with me or not, but id just really really like to be just friends with her. Shes awesome to talk to and whatnot, but i dunno, its too early to go out with her. Only known her for awhile. I guess if she asks me or tells me she likes me ill tell her that i like her too but would like to stay friends, for the reasons above. Would that fuck it up, because im just trying to avoid another fucked up relationship.

can anyone relate to me?
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