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Originally Posted by IAMSAM
One size fits all, they're elastic, so there should be no problem with fit.
Originally Posted by Hyper
Wow really, no.. It depends on manufacturors.. Sure they are elastic but sticking something in a condom isn't having sex with using it..

I don't really know exactly, and I doubt anyone does as different companias may have a small variation, so I suggest you just read the information on the net or in store.. Or someone who knows about a common ''brand'' can tell you..
Originally Posted by IAMSAM
Actually, hyper, they really all are the same. The only diff is lube Vs. unlubed, plain end Vs. Receptacle end, all of which are personal preferences, and don't effect size or performance. the 'Ribbed' versions, the 'colored' versions are all unnecessary. Major brands: Trojan, Ramses, Lifestyles. All the same.

remember to read the directions on proper use.
Would you two just let go of your egos? You're both right!

Yes, for the very large majority of the population, one size does fit all. However, there can be different sizes for those who are picky, those who are on the smaller end, those who don't have enough girth to fit into a regular condom and those who are so large in girth or length that it would feel more comfortable, but not required, to have a different size.

lardlad2002, a reglar condom would be just fine for you. Just buy the conventional pack, the one everybody gets (I say to go with Trojan)
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