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Default Re: Outlawing Gayness

Originally Posted by ValtasticallyTheBomb View Post
For example: Christmas. A holiday originally celebrating the birth of Jesus which we're now allowed to celebrate in public facilities because it is no longer considered by law to be a religious holiday.
The only reason that ever happened was because its a great commercial oppurtunity.. And are you telling me its illegal in the US to celebrate ''religious'' holidays publicly?

Originally Posted by heartagram72 View Post
u dont get it do u.
america is not free. bush is just a dic that says this so ppl like him more. pot would be legalized and controlled medically if we were free.
"free country" is propganda, to turn bush into a dictator. he says free country so ppl just wont know he is trying to be a dictator.
hes something for u to think about. dic dictator DICtator DIC=bush

honestly tho...about religion.
gayness is not one of the unforgivable sins
those were denying god and jesus and stuff. so basically its just considered a sin. but so is like everything else. as long as u accept jesus into ur life and pray regularly, god says u get into heaven. unless u did an unforgiveable sin

god made us all diferently to. he couldve chosen to make gay and bi and lesbian never exist. but he did, and he made some people gay and bi and lesbian.
Bush has nothing to do with gay marriage..
Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Ummmmm since when is President Bush the only person of power? We do have a Congress full of hundreds of representatives and a hundred senators who have power in addition to the judicial branch.

Seriously learn about the government before you make outrageous claims like that. Congress holds more power than the President so I can't seem to grasp the concept of Bush being a dictator. We are far from that.
The congress does what their financers want them to do.
Originally Posted by JacksonMyChemiclRomance View Post
As ive said before its all about being isecure with themselves no gay person that takes the piss out of a straight person is secure with themselves gays as perceived as more easy going because the ones we know who are gay are not insecure with themselves or they wouldnt have came out, But there a lot of gays who are in the closet making it hard for other gays trying to convince others sometimes even themselves that they are straight.

All because nobody talks,
It's all politics over who gets what,
It may cause them to reach their final destination but it may be to late for the sky.

If u can get ur head round that lyric of mine then u must beable to see into my sub-conscience lol
So the way I get your post is.. That gay people are ''allegedly'' more outgoing because their secure with themselves?

And that the reason people try to hide the fact that their gay and convince themselves that, is because nobody talks about it???

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