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dude i have a cousin like that but i he asks if he can touch it and see it but i say no...but to me i don't see any thing wrong with letting him see your dick, .... since i have to go to his house every week (at least)....well i tell him see it 1 a month but some times i let him see my dick more than once a month...but if u feel that its wrong then don't.....i only show him my dick because his mom and dad want me to teach him about sex and puberty...i mean i had to get naked to show what were a the body party are and i walk around him naked so he will get used to the male body when he has to take showers , ui have to tae a shower with and i kinda have to so i teach him every thing visually...but if your cousin just wants no see it i say its up 2 u i would but a limit......1 a month
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