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Default Re: I could Use Some Help Here!

Well, Doc, I might be able to help, but after watching just a few minutes of the first vid, i gotta ask you why you want to do this and what you hope to accomplish?

Without opining on the issue they're 'debating', I doubt you'll make much head way there. The creationist guy is damaged goods, he has sadly mistaken his own sense of self righteousness with true Righteousness, a common failing in those who blindly follow the beliefs of others out of fear and insecurity, rather than a True understanding and accpetance of the principles being espoused. Sadly, he's not alone.

Sometimes I feel that the best thing one can do with such misguided individuals is just ignore them. That way, they are denied the platform from which to spew forth with their unenlightened views of humanity. However, I also know that sometimes it's just too irrestible to not take your best shot, if only to stand up for the forces of Good. Personally, though, i gotta say this is one of those situations I'd walk away from, there's not much hope of exchanging ideas and there's even less hope of his ability to understand and appreciate them. His goal is the imposition of how he understands the world, not an open minded exchange of ideas. Not much that's constructive can happen in those situations.

Still, if you want some help, let me know first if this is a live debate, or if you guys just send things to eachother and respond that way.

Personally, i think it would be less painful to just eat your own liver. Without the benefit of the Chianti.
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