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I've taken Ecstacy about 5 times.

Here's my experiance-

Firstly, i was anxios and abit apprehensive about taking the drug, as the news usually reports it as dangerous and there are several horror stories that usually come to mind. So as a result i took half a tablet, then the other half around an hour or so later.

It took an hour to take effect, i was sitting down and my friends were al getting hit. I suddenly felt overwhelmed by a surge of energy, and it felt like it was getting stronger and stronger and stronger and wouldn't stop.

I got up and walked around and doing repeative arm movements. I felt hot, pretty hot. This lasted a few minutes, and then it hit the peak and i stayed like that for hte rest and it gradually went down and up again every now and then.

After the initial effect, i could control everything again in a normal way. Everything seemed like it was normal , but clearer and more defined. It's hard to explain. Normal everyday things suddenly became really fun, like walking around, or touching things or smelling or smoking a cigarette.

I felt emotionally clean, and physically clean. My pupils were huge (not good). I didn't feel any barrier, i could talk freely about anything and not feel tense. When i talked to someone, i would feel an instant connection with that person, like we are on the same level, and it would seem like you had known everyone for years.

I sipped water, not gulped it, as this could have been dangerous as i was doing nothing too hard on the body that would dehydrate me. I felt fearful that i might die when i went to sleep, but it was ok. I woke up feeling refreshed, calm and collected and at peace. This faded after a day or so.

I can't say i had a bad experiance with the drug, i've used it - but never have i used it in huge amounts. It was nice, to feel emotionally clean and healthy. It's like a fast acting and incredibly powerful, but short acting, anti depressant. You actually feel the effect of the 'anti-depressant'. However it gives you a false sense of happiness, and self confidence. Wether thats good or bad, it depends on who you are. I don't personally think how i feel should be dictated by drugs, so i wouldn't like to slip into a habit of doing it all the time.

I don't think it's good or bad. It just exists, and it's definatly not as great as it's made out to be, or as bad as it's made out to be.

It's just a chemical that triggered natural chemicals in your brain in high amounts than usual, so you feel happier than usual.

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