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Wow people he said he just wants to start off and build a little muscle not become a body builder.

The problem with an actual gym membership though is that a lot of gyms (for safety and liability reasons) won't allow members younger than (on average) 16 years old. So that may be a road block already so before doing anything you'd have to call gyms around your area to see what the minimum age is but don't be suprised to come across gyms that will say you need to wait at least 2 more years.

It is perfectly alright to start lifting weights at 14. Saying to wait until you're a senior in high school is too extreme. You can start much, much earlier. The key is though that you would need to start off small and don't get macho and try lifting huge amounts of weights prematurely.

Gaining muscle is something that takes a long time and you won't get immediate results. Sometimes you'll feel like you're doing it for nothing but it requires patience and it is very important that you don't rush ahead of yourself because you can cause quite a big of damage to your arms or legs.

The earlier you start the better foundation you have when you get older so you'll be somewhat ahead of all the preliminary weight lifting and once you're 16, 17, or 18 you don't have to start off at the small amounts because you'd have done it already.

What's best is to try to talk to your parents like maybe your dad, older brother, cousin, uncle, w/e that can help you out and get you started. So if you can't go to some places like Gold's Gym, 24 hour fitness, etc then maybe try the YMCA which accommodates younger ages I think and might have better luck there.

So yeah you are at an ok age to start but it's important that you start off small and don't get ahead of yourself and preferably work with an adult or family member to help train you. Not only can that provide insight but can provide motivation as well.
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