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Originally Posted by Patchy View Post
Well every school network is different and it depends what you mean by "hacking".

if you mean like accessing admin accounts e.t.c theres like proper ways of hacking but what I did to get into admin was I saw my teacher logging on so I saw his user name...and on our system you can send password reminders so I guessed (after many attempts) the recovery question for his email and emailed a reminder...logged on as him....unblocked every website and deleted all the other admin accounts. this took me like 3 days and most techys wouldnt call this hacking this is just like guess work than hacking.
Your teacher has admin access? Good Security risk. Where I work, there are only a few people that do. I am one of them. There are, I believe 6 people with access to it. And, None of them are Teachers. Two I don't think should have it (Don't Necessarily need it), but they aren't a security risk. The other four are the guys in the Tech department.

We have "Password Reminders" turned on for the Students. I don't have mine set up, and I feel no need to. When I'm forced to use password reminders for something, I just pick a random question, and give something similar to "%#$%#$%435t$#%#tv34vt34qv7t843oqytv3QTE?RT?Wgqctnf8qty43q9tvyo43tr34qt"(?)*?_)7 " as the answer. Something entirely random, that nobody, not even myself, could ever remember. If you're going to use a password for something as important as complete administrative access to an entire network, you shouldn't use passwords you might forget.

The guy I used to work with (Before he Moved this last June) used passpack to manage all of his passwords. It's completely encrypted everywhere, and he used it to generate 15-20 character passwords, with any and every character that existed as a possibility to be put in the sequence of characters as his password. Kind of Ridiculous, but there's not much chance of people getting into it.

- Bill
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