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Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
One thing? I've noticed that the 'teen sexuality' sub section seems to be a primarily 'Gay' topic area, i don't know if this is intentional, but the result is that there are practically no het issues being raised. Maybe a sticky at the top clarifying the 'multipurpose' nature of the section, or maybe a seperate gay section?
Problems with being gay or wondering is a very common question so you can expect that to have a fair amount of topics in the forum. The idea of the forum is indeed multi-purpose and I agree with you that there should be a sticky or announcement explaining the purpose of the forum. I'll work with the new H&A mods to get that implemented.

Also this forum is fairly new as an official forum (before it was just a diary called "The Gay Bar") so it will need time before it can fully become it's full purpose.

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