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Exclamation yyyaaaa!!!!2 1/2 months questions asked by friends

k, first i want every 1 to know i haven't jacked off 4 about 2 and a half months and after this i am going to go and jack off....i wi tel u how it gos....soooo yyyyaaaaaaa i did it i
finialy i jack off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!( pease say good job to make me feel beter than i am) ....any way i am makin a surfa 4 u all;;;;:::::::

1. how often do u jack off?

2. are u gay/stright/bi ?

3. who long is ur dick?

4. have u smelt/wore/jacked off in a thong?

5. do u look at porn?

6. would u suck my dick?

7. would u want me to masturbate u?

8. would u masturbate me?

9. cut/un-cut?

10. virgin?

11. have u seen an actual vibrator/ dildo?

12. have u put 1 up ur ass?

13 have u hade gay sex?

i=now i know u all may think these questions are wierd but a ton of my friends want to know about this and they aske dme this and so im asking u soo they can get a better pictur on what peope do and how they answer please responed!!!!
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